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cookies for Santa, via milissweets.comIn my home, we are still believers in Santa arriving for a visit.

We believe he looks forward to enjoying a cup of espresso and a cup of hot cocoa with a huge amount of marshmallows, before he makes his way to other homes around the world. Every year he is offered a hand-written note by the children, along with a very full plate of cookies that the kids help to make and decorate themselves. Only their very favorite cookies are considered for Santa.

My family has many Christmas traditions that we enjoy and celebrate, and preparing for Santa is one of our children’s favorite. I love watching them have so much fun. My children give and sacrifice a lot all year long, especially during Christmas, so when the Advent season arrives, it is wonderful to make time and plans for special projects and fun treats just for them.

In the days before Christmas, we make and decorate Santa’s cookies. On the must-have list: gingerbread and sugar cookies (which are also egg-free shortbread.) Please go to my blog-links for my recipes, that include how to make royal icing.

It’s also really wonderful to see how my children’s art-work has progressed. Their little cookies say a lot about their growth and development. I always take a photo before they are eaten so that I can remember. The photo above shows some highlights from this year, with the use of my very favorite giant-Snoopy cookie cutter that I enjoyed as a child.

cookies for Santa, via

Here are some highlights from Christmas cookies made last year. I love the Velveteen Rabbits!

I hope you can bet a glimpse of the hope and joy on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Here are my “babies” at Christmas-Eves from the past, with their sweets for Santa. How could he resist?!

cookies for Santa, via

In our home, on Christmas morning, Baby Jesus will make His way into our hearts and will be placed into our Nativity Scene. Little footsteps will be running down the stairs. Before any presents are touched, the kids will be stop and laugh to see the bites of cookies that Santa left behind.

Life is so good and this time is so finite and precious. I’m going to try to hold on to every moment, for as long as I possibly can.

Merry Christmas!


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