a look back at my daughter’s First Holy Communion

It’s that time of year again – First Holy Communion season. I have really enjoyed the opportunities I’ve been given to make cakes and special desserts for this celebration.

It reminds me of when my sweet daughter had her special day. I can’t believe that five years have already passed us by. She was just a little girl back then – I could hold her a lot more easily, that’s for sure! Now she’s a beautiful young lady, 13 years young. I’m so blessed!

I have already posted my son’s more recent Sacrament-celebration, so I wanted to dig into my archives and share the details of our celebration at home, with only family on that day in May, 2012.

My daughter loved Baby’s Breath flowers so I went for it, to decorate a little dessert table. I had a lovely larger arrangement made too, with white lilies and hydrangea, to make it gorgeous for my baby girl.

My friend Karen made that arrangement, as she has made many important days at home, all the more special with her work.

Sachi’s main request was a large creme brûlée and lots of fruit. So I placed cherries, blackberries and strawberry pops to dip into chocolate, onto plating to make them beautiful. I made cookie pops of her choice too. We had more than enough for our little celebration at home.

I knew that this was going to be the best day of her life so far, and it really was. It was emotional and very precious for me too. Here we were, right after the Mass, just outside the church doors.

I did her hair that day, in a special up-do. I also let her wear the pearl and diamond earrings that I wore on my wedding day. I wore the earrings that my husband gave me when she was born. (I always think about what I’m wearing, and how it has some sort of meaning to me.)

I also had her carry the purse that my own grandmother made for me, for my First Holy Communion, when I was seven years old (so many years ago). My Nonna also made my entire dress, that was totally crocheted, with a custom made slip as well. Oh my goodness. It was so memorable! At that time, it was the best day of my life too.

I can’t remember the little things that my sweet girl placed in that purse, but I think there was a Rosary and a flavored chapstick that she could re-apply as many times as her heart desired.

I feel so sentimental about this photo with my parents after the Mass. I love the content and the baby face of my daughter, and the joy of my parents being together with her. What a blessing, that my kids have had a close, loving relationship with their grandparents. It’s a gift. Like me, they are still very much missing my dad, their “Pop-Pop.” I’m grateful that my mom can be right here alongside us every single day.

I thought it was so cute, as my husband, her sister and brother and I were leaving the parking lot to St. Mark’s Church. She was so happy, that she was twirling around and around. There was no regular walking – more like floating and skipping. If I could go back to this day, if only for a moment, I would! xox

Now for the professional photos taken by my friend, Corina. She did such an amazing job, capturing the essence of every shot I hoped to have (and more).  These photos were taken a little more than a month before the big day, so that we could mail out a formal announcement to our family and friends.



My friend told me, “It’s not the dress that makes the girl, it’s the girl that makes the dress.” It’s so true, and I love that she chose this simply-timeless and classic dress. I had it cleaned and preserved so that we can continue to love it and one day, she can show her own children.

There’s something so beautiful and precious to me, about little hands holding a Rosary. I still love holding those hands too.


I truly cherish these images, and have her announcement in my office to look at every day. For you, these  might provide some wonderful ideas on specific shots for your own special occasion.

Thanks for being here, to let me share these moments with you.

xox, Mili



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