our little tea party birthday

A lot of change happens in seven years! Little girls grow from having sweet little tea party celebrations for their 7th birthday, to being full-blown teenagers! This was a very sweet little party for my once-girly girl. It’s so fun to look back on all of this, to see all of the love and details that I shared with a small group of girls, hosted for an authentic tea party at our home.

I was so happy and still feel so blessed to have had the time to do this party, just the way we (my daughter and I) wanted! We made some special memories that day. All of this does seem like a lifetime ago, so thank goodness I’m crazy about documenting and taking family photos. If it weren’t for having these images in my archives, we may have forgotten! Remember, this was seven years ago, so even though paper pom decorations seem outdated now, they were a new thing back then! We did have this little dessert table, celebrating the first day of Spring as our theme, since March 20th is my daughter’s actual birthday. The colors throughout the decorating was pink, brown and golden.

I decorated with bird cages and pretty pastel eggs. Every girl invited went home with a cute little wood goodie-box, with “spring” printed on, and a pretty ribbon with their name tag.

The edible details on the table were fun to make too. I’m not the best at frosted sugar cookies but I made it happen with a teapot cutter and painted the number 7 or the first letter initial of each girl at the party.

Of course there were cupcakes. I wanted them to be so pretty for the sweethearts, and went with chocolate, pink vanilla buttercream, candy pearls and handmade tiny-teapots that I sculpted with sugar gum paste, fondant and edible paints.

The dining table was made extra special with details that I knew they would appreciate. I used poms for the birthday girl’s seat at the head of the table. I didn’t sit at all, as I was serving them food and tea the entire time. They had nice plates, cloth napkins, vintage gold cups for water, floral tea cups for tea (of course) and each girl had a little bird and place-card. They were happy to sit at a “fancy” table and use their very best manners. It was so sweet!

There was a little candy table too with even more sweets. I just couldn’t have enough! I kept with the little pink-bird/spring theme and made fondant birds to top the lollipops. I used this as part of the party favor and girls took from this table to add to their little take-home boxes.

Then there was my sweet little girl. This was such a precious memory! We picked out a “fancy” dress in the party colors and added some simple white gloves. She was so happy. Of course, I kept this dress and always will.

There was our little Peanut too, her buddy and our dog at the time. He passed away around Christmas time last year. He was in the mix when we took photos before the party. It’s fun to see him in these pics too.

The cake was all about my girl. I was getting good at handmade decorations, but covering tiered cakes in fondant was still relatively new for me at the time. This was the end result, with a custom color for the pink. She loved it. I still love it too! It’s just another precious memory and a special part of this day.

This was the little cake topper I made. My baby was the pink bird. xox At the end of the party, I set aside all of the decorations from the cake, and set them in a plate for her to enjoy in her room. This was short-lived with a curious 4 year old brother, but it was fun to admire while it lasted.

Another detail I made was handmade hair pins – a different one for each girl. My little pink bird wore the headband with the little feather.

In another area of our room, I decorated with more cute eggs, pink and a silhouette we had done of my daughter at Disneyland. (I wish we had done this for our son when he was little, so I would have a set.)

Here were our sweet guests! Love this so much! At the end of the party, we played music and they danced! It was all such a joy. All the girls were there, including my mom, some friends from school, and her big sister loved watching the fun. In this pic, she was still a teen! She’s now a grown-woman. Life is good. This was all love!

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